Insulation Self Adhesive Pin / Stuck Up Pin / Sticker Pin / Self-Adhesive Hangers-Base with holes, Nail Max up to 120mm,the pin is Also available by special order in all stainless steel or copper or Aluminum. Self – locking washers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials.


Knitted wire mesh demister(or mist eliminator)is mainly used to separate drops of the diameter between 3μm to 5μm, the operating principle is showed in the fig at the right side. When the gas with liquid drops rises at a certain speed, passing through the wire mesh on the grid bar, the inertia of the rising drops make them collide with the wire and then adhere to the surface of the wire.


APEC Wedge Wire Screens are available in various shapes and sizes of wedge wire and support rods to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

We can provide sieve analysis, sand size and slot size recommendations based on well formation samples.


APEC INDUSTRIAL offers various grades of stainless steel wire mesh plain weave, stainless steel wire mesh twill weave, stainless steel Dutch plain weave, stainless steel Dutch twill weave and stainless steel bolting cloth. Our experienced technicians can produce a variety of woven patterns and materials.


APEC INDUSTRIAL supply perforated plate in a range of styles and sizes.

We can also manufacture this material to your precise customized specifications.


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